Can Yelling Be a part of healthy Parenting?

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Every parent is guilty of yelling at their children at least once or twice. but why do parents yell at their kids? There are lots of different reasons, but the most common two are

Having the feeling of powerlessness or not being able to control the kids. When you feel your kids are disobedient or hard-headed, you may lose your temper to get their attention

When you think you’re protecting the kids from any perceived threat, like when a toddler runs to the poolside and attempts to jump off

Regardless of the reason and whether it was on purpose or not, yelling at your child can leave severe long-term effects on them, ones which they may carry with them into adulthood. I know kids can get on our nerves sometimes, but before you lose your temper, consider this.

Yelling Worsens behavior problems in Children

Research shows that yelling could create a lot more behavior problems rather than correcting them. HVD or “harsh verbal discipline”, especially on adolescents, can cause an increase in behaviors like lying and stealing, which can turn into petty crimes and depressive symptoms later on.

Yelling Alters proper development of the Child’s Brain

A study showed that children who are exposed to parental verbal aggression like being yelled or cursed at are likely to develop mood and anxiety disorders. These disorders are known as forms of psychopathology, which slows down normal brain development. When this occurs, auditory and language processing in the child is negatively affected. Being quiet, aloof and anti-social are the most common characteristic shown in children with mood and anxiety disorders.

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Yelling Can cause Depression

HVD or “harsh verbal discipline”, like shouting, cursing, insults, humiliation or calling the child names can make the child feel neglected and unloved, thus making them believe they are useless, worthless and inferior. This treatment can also increase chances of the child becoming overly self-critical and deficient in self-esteem. The child normally shows inactivity and low performance on tasks assigned to him especially at home and school.

Stress may also activate certain illnesses, psychological imbalances and abnormalities in the brain pathways that involve emotional regulation, movement and routine formation. These conditions can include trichotillomania–excessive hair pulling, which is often observed in a stressed child who has lost their ability to control their impulses. Take a trichotillomania test for diagnosis and proper treatment.

Yelling Can cause Chronic Pain

A study showed a link between negative childhood experiences, verbal and other forms of abuse and the additionally development of painful chronic conditions, which may include arthritis, severe headache, back and neck problems and other chronic pains. As the child becomes emotionally and psychologically depressed, appetite and other healthcare protocols may be forgotten or not prioritized, making the body prone to illness.

Yelling must never Be a first Resort

Words are powerful, especially when delivered in anger or frustration. often negative words are much easily absorbed by the brain and the heart than positive words. So choose your words carefully, especially when taking care of children because what you say to them is how they will see themselves in the future.

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